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Anissa's Redemption: A Young Woman's Saga from War in Syria to Love in NY Continues (The Syrian Virgin Series Book 2) - Zack Love
  **I highly recommend reading The Syrian Virgin fore beginning Anissa's Redemption.**

I sat down one evening and started reading this book thinking I would get a few chapters in before I had to go to bed. Before I knew it, it was 3 am. I was sucked in to Anissa's world.

Anissa is by far, one of my favorite heroines. She has all the vulnerability of the 18 year old that she is, with the strength of someone who has fought through hell to overcome the worst that fate can deal her. Zack Love does a beautiful job at capturing Anissa in such a way that you see all sides of her. You see the 18 year old that is naive in all things having to do with love, you see the woman who escaped Syria with her life to begin anew, you feel her emotions as if you are going through everything with her.

Julien even had me second guessing him for a bit, I will be honest. He has built up so many walls to protect himself that he has no choice now but to play the game he forced himself in to. I truly feel that without Anissa, Julien would have been just another billionaire playboy, content in the life he was accustomed to, without a care in the world.

And let's not forget Michael. Noble Michael. He became a character that I really enjoyed. All the misgivings that I had for him in the first book quickly fell by the wayside. He's ok in my book.

I adore this series. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it is well researched, well vetted, and beautifully written. I have followed the plight of the Syrian Christians, and frankly all Christians in the Middle East, very closely. The atrocities that are happening are like none that we as Americans can begin to imagine. When you watch it on the news, you almost feel detached. While you empathize with them, you weep for them, you only hear what the media has in their 1 minute segments. Reading it, and though while this is a fiction book, Zack Love puts a very human face to very horrifying events and gets you thinking, gets you to really feel what those people have endured. You understand Anissa much better, you understand why Michael is doing what he is doing, and you finally understand Julien. And let me say I did NOT see that one coming. My hat off to you, Zack, for one of the most surprising plot twists I have ever read.

Complex characters, a beautifully romantic story, and twists and turns abound make Anissa's Redemption come highly recommended